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Signs in the Garden

posted Jul 26, 2010 14:22:26 by UrsulaV
Your recent post, Carole, about the signs of gardening made me think of a recent incident in our home.

I've been gardening on my boyfriend's property, which consists of a short stretch of field at the edge of the subdivision we're part of, then a circle of woods with the house and my garden plunked into a clearing. The field on the cul-de-sac is the only part visible to the neighbors.

On a whim, I had ordered a certified wildlife habitat sign a couple of months ago, planning to place it in somewhere in my garden. My boyfriend saw the sign, and immediately demanded that we nail it up in the field adjoining the cul-de-sac, where the neighbors could see it. He even got out the sledgehammer to place the post. I was touched by this sign of activism, but a little puzzled.

"Are there more signs like this you can get?" he demanded.

"Well...yeah...I mean, we're providing butterfly habitat--and we've got all this milkweed, but I don't want to call it a monarch waystation until I actually see it host a monarch...but...errr...why?"

"Because if I have signs up saying it's for butterflies, the neighbors won't wonder why I'm not mowing the field!"

...I might have known.

There is still only the one sign, and he still mows an edge strip around it so that it looks somewhat less untidy, but the bulk of the field has gone un-mown since.
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Carole said Jul 26, 2010 20:25:10
Keeping the neighbors happy is a very important thing to do. It's so much easier if you can get them on your side, or at least educated about what you're doing.

Drop some milkweed seeds in there, I'm sure you'll have your Monarchs soon. and then you can show the beautiful butterflies off to your neighbors.

Whatever his reason, I think he had a good idea to put the wildlife habitat sign out where the neighbors can see.

Who knows, maybe you'll get some of them to create habitat, too?
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