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How to Use the Forum

posted Jul 14, 2010 21:24:57 by Carole
1. How to change your avatar (the little picture next to your name)--click on "Edit Profile" at the top right, then click "Change Avatar" Choose a different cute dinosaur or monster, OR choose a photo from your hardrive or enter a link to a photo on the web.

2. How do I add a signature file to my posts? Click "Edit Profile" and enter the text you'd like to see in your signature.

3. How do I start a new topic? Click the category where you like to start a new topic, example "Native Plants" Click "Start a Topic" at the top left. Choose a title that give us some clue what your subject is. Fill in the details of your post. You can show a photo, give us a link, quote somebody, or embed a video by clicking the buttons at the top of the post box.

4. How do I insert a smiley?
This forum uses BBCode so you can enter emoticons by following this guide:



5. How do I make those annoying emails stop? When you post a response there is a check box right above the "reply" button that is automatically checked that says "subscribe" Uncheck that box before you post and you won't get any more notification emails. I'm sorry but there is not a way for me to uncheck it by default.

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