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posted Jul 13, 2010 22:20:21 by Carole
Wlcome to the Ecosystem Gardening Community! I'm so glad that you're here. And I'm excited about getting to know each of you.

I want this to be a fun place, full of interesting conversation. I want it to feel like sitting around the kitchen table and having a cup of tea with friends.

In order for that to happen there needs to be some type of guiding force. So you know the drill: be nice, be respectuful, don't attack anyone, don't spam, don't be a troll, affiliate links must be disclosed, etc.

This is my home. Please treat it and all visitors with respect or you are not welcome here. My house, my rules. No questions. If you can't do that, you'll be blocked and your comments will be deleted.

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GetInTheGarden said Aug 04, 2010 21:47:26
Thanks Carole! Though many scoff, you really can have everything it's a balance with some give and take. For our family,it's the best of both worlds! :-)
Sowing, growing, harvesting and sharing. It's the garden way. :-)
AcornGirl said Aug 16, 2010 14:21:16
Wow, I'm delighted to have found this forum!

I'm the webmistress of the Mast Tree Network, a website dedicated to promoting native mast-producing trees to provide food and other benefits for both wildlife and humans.

On a personal note, I'm lucky enough to live in Eastern Nebraska, right where the oak-hickory woodlands meet the tallgrass prairie, so there is an outstanding diversity of native plants to work with in this region. I have a small organic vegetable garden and the beginnings of a permaculture-style edible forest garden close to the house, and have also begun (somewhat slow) work on restoring native prairie and woodland habitats in my "back 40."
Plant mast-producing trees for wildlife and people:
Jacqueline said Sep 10, 2010 16:44:53
Hello Everyone! My name is, as you can see, Jacqueline Burton. I live in PHX., AZ. I'd like to thank you Carole for hunting me down and friending me on FB. I'm so excited to be introduced to this world that is somewhat new to me. I've always been passionate about gardening. As a young child, from the age of four I've loved soil! At four years old everyday after school I would go the our gardens and flip and move the dirt. It smelled so good, and looked fresh when I finished. I'm like a sponge, waiting to suck up as much as I can. I love that I'm still teachable and very curious. I'm glad to meet all of you and look forward to picking at your brains.
Thanks again Carole for finding me!
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Avid backyard Gardner and backyard Birder. Strong believer in more education and outreach concerning gardening sun protection.
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