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posted Jul 13, 2010 22:20:21 by Carole
Wlcome to the Ecosystem Gardening Community! I'm so glad that you're here. And I'm excited about getting to know each of you.

I want this to be a fun place, full of interesting conversation. I want it to feel like sitting around the kitchen table and having a cup of tea with friends.

In order for that to happen there needs to be some type of guiding force. So you know the drill: be nice, be respectuful, don't attack anyone, don't spam, don't be a troll, affiliate links must be disclosed, etc.

This is my home. Please treat it and all visitors with respect or you are not welcome here. My house, my rules. No questions. If you can't do that, you'll be blocked and your comments will be deleted.

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exoislands said Jul 14, 2010 13:10:53
Hi All,

My name is Colin Lennox from Altoona, PA and i own and operate a floating island research and landscaping company, EcoIslands LLC. I've been getting more and more into sustainability since graduating from college last year and was happy to find these resources available on the net. Floating islands are great for a variety of reasons, but this isn't a pitch for a specific product, just an awareness of the new technologies that are simple, recycled, and can be fully integrated into our gardens, landscapes, cities, and areas being reclaimed and remediated from mining or industry.

thanks Carole,
mikekorner said Jul 14, 2010 17:16:09

My name is Mike Korner and I'm from Iowa (North of Council Bluffs, which is near Omaha, Nebraska), USA. I'm a backyard gardener. My wife and I plant flowers and bushes for the beauty of them and to encourage birds and butterflies to stop by. The 3 bird baths seem to help, too :)

We live on two acres of land so we have plenty of room for trees, veggies, etc. Long term I'd like to add sun and wind power sources to reduce our use of non-renewable fuel.

I should add that we have a variety of other wildlife including a bobcat that is spotted from time to time, 3 large hawks, a couple of owls, a skunk that wanders through the backyard occasionally, coyotes, pheasants, deer, and about 50 cows in the farmer's yard behind us.

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Have a great one!
Carole said Jul 14, 2010 17:20:16
Hi Mike and Colin. Thanks for being brave first adopters and being the first to post to our new community! I'm looking forward to getting to know you and seeing your gardens and the critters who come to visit.
Community hostess, wildlife gardener, avid birder, loves butterflies and all other critters. Find me on Twitter @CB4wildlife
BillWeaver said Jul 14, 2010 20:12:34
Hey Carole and the rest...I was intrigued by your choice from the RMB forum and missed your test request yesterday Carole.
I have a graduate degree in Landscape Architecture and happened to spend part of my time working with a neighborhood in Eugene OR helping them develop a model edible neighborhood. We worked with architects to retrofit the homes to solar and the city to eliminate the allies which were turned into gardens.
So I can really appreciate what you're doing Carole!

How are you protecting this forum from spam? I've tried bbpress and simple press for forums and even when I took them down I still get spam posts. I like the way this one looks and it seems easy enough to use.
NaomiSachs said Jul 14, 2010 20:22:30
Thanks for starting the forum, Carole! Glad to be a part of it.
Naomi Sachs, ASLA
Director, Therapeutic Landscapes Network
Principal, Naomi Sachs Design
ChristineM said Jul 14, 2010 21:59:24
Hi all,
I live with a garden outside of Portland Oregon which was just delightful until my husband dumped several loads of horse manure full of invasive grass into it a couple of years ago. Now my gardening life is different, to say the least! Looking forward to learning with all of you.
@cmartell and
Carole said Jul 14, 2010 22:20:15
Bill, that solar project sounds really cool! As for spammers, I'm hoping they don't find us anytime soon. But when they arrive, I'll ask some forum members to help me moderate the forum so that we can edit and delete as necessary.

Naomi, I'm so thrilled you've come to play! I'm looking forward to learning more about healing landscapes and the healing power of nature.

Christine, is your husband still welcome in your house? LOL what a bummer about all that invasive grass. It must feel like a never-ending battle. You have my sympathies.
Community hostess, wildlife gardener, avid birder, loves butterflies and all other critters. Find me on Twitter @CB4wildlife
Stacey said Jul 15, 2010 18:58:15
Hi Gang, I'm Stacey Cornelius from Nova Scotia, Canada. I started gardening in 1996 and will stop when I'm pushing up daisies instead of planting them.

I started my latest project in 2003 when we bought our house. About half an acre cleared, no garden. Not even a petunia in a pot.

Things have changed since then. I've managed to do minimal expansion this year because I'm a year behind on weeding. But I'm still thinking about it.
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Carole said Jul 15, 2010 19:06:38
Yay! Stacey is here. I'm so happy that you've come out to play. I'm looking forward to seeing what you've done with your garden. A little bird told me you have some great birds who've come to share your space with you.
Community hostess, wildlife gardener, avid birder, loves butterflies and all other critters. Find me on Twitter @CB4wildlife
UrsulaV said Jul 16, 2010 21:53:05

I'm Ursula Vernon from Pittsboro, North Carolina, which is hot and intensely muggy, and since all my gardening skills were learned in Oregon as a kid, it's been quite an adjustment. My current garden is a slow learning process on my very patient partner's 2.5 acre, mostly wooded, overrun-with-honeysuckle-and-autumn-olive developer-scraped-it-down-to-red-clay-subsoil property.

So, yeah, there are some challenges.

Having too MUCH space is almost as paralyzing as too little, so I alternate between huge ambitious projects bigger than I can possibly handle--"This is a great place for a flower bed! It will only hundred pounds of topsoil...?"--and staring at all the space with my fists in my hair, going "I have no idea what to put anywhere..."

We do get some awesome wildlife, being rural, like pileated woodpeckers, but I actually have seen less birds than in my previous urban gardening (Kind of an oasis effect in the city, I guess.) Still, hoping to change that...eventually...
Carole said Jul 18, 2010 03:28:03
Ursula, I'm so glad you're here! I'm sure you can get your birds back (with some time and some topsoil). Planting for pollinators may help because more insects means more birds.

I'd love to see photos of what you've got so far, you can post them here if you'd like.
Community hostess, wildlife gardener, avid birder, loves butterflies and all other critters. Find me on Twitter @CB4wildlife
EllenSousa said Jul 23, 2010 14:55:05
I am Ellen and I live on a small farm in central Massachusetets where we have developed our landscaping to attract birds, bees, butterflies and all the other critters who share our lovely river valley with us. I see some familiar faces here already and know I am going to feel right at home here! Looking forward to finding a "friendly" wildlife gardening internet community...
Ellen Sousa
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Spencer, MA
New England Habitat Gardening blog:
Carole said Jul 24, 2010 06:26:33
Hi Ellen, I'm so glad you're here! Everyone, check out Ellen's lovely habitat garden which was featured at Ecosystem Gardening. I have serious barn envy smile
Community hostess, wildlife gardener, avid birder, loves butterflies and all other critters. Find me on Twitter @CB4wildlife
GetInTheGarden said Jul 28, 2010 19:58:14
Hi everybody! I'm Lisa and I live and garden in upstate NY. Our 1/2 acre suburban yard has been slowly converted to a large garden with native plants, herbs and A LOT of vegetables. Edibles are my passion and the insects and critters they attract are as welcome as the harvest. I'm looking forward to sharing and learning more here with you all!
Sowing, growing, harvesting and sharing. It's the garden way. :-)
Carole said Jul 28, 2010 20:50:01
Lisa you may be the only vegetable gardener I know who is passionate about the insects and other critters in your garden! I'm so glad you're here because I want to learn more about veggies.
Community hostess, wildlife gardener, avid birder, loves butterflies and all other critters. Find me on Twitter @CB4wildlife
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